Monday, May 14, 2007

Why potholes are a good thing

Without potholes, You wouldn't have to maintain your expert driving techniques, you save money on tires, shocks, brakes, and that, in turn saves gasoline. With gas now at 3.09 in my neighborhood, I've noticed that a lot more people have started to get their vehicles ready for sale or trade for one of those new Nissans or Toyota's that remind me of a really cool golf cart. I will miss the day's of filling up the car and just going for a drive, anywhere... anytime...

That being said, our children will really never know the pleasure of just cruising the neighborhoods, dirt roads in the country, or the main drag ( if you don't know what a main drag is.. you're too young). Now, back to the whole pot hole thing.. I have a huge one beginning to develop right where it irritates me most.. the driveway. I have to come in at a steep angle every night and when I leave in the morning I must navigate out of my flat driveway at such an angle that NYC cab drivers would be extremely proud. Oh, I've called the city, I've called the HOA,I've called just about everyone except my congressperson, and you ALL know how that's going to go.

So, what to do, I COULD fix it myself with a bag of cement and a trowel, but that's not the point, I should be able to get this fixed with just a phone call to the City Street department. Not gonna happen, I've added this to my summer list of 10 things I'm going to get done this season, and none of those will probably get done anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Ever get that fixed? If not, write directly to the mayor. I did that (when I was a kid), for the pothole in my court, and got a phone call from him, and the pothole got filled.