Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Does anyone write letters anymore?

I woke up in the middle of the night 1:30am to be exact and this was a question racing through my mind. I'm not sure if I was dreaming about writing, or what, because I never remember my dreams anyway. But it got me to thinking, Does anyone write letters anymore?

I was going to start a letter to my Dad, who I'm sure would rather get a letter in the mail than the circular from Bobs Nothin But Crap store, when it occured to me that I spend most of my day sitting in front of a computer either creating audio, checking email, downloading videos and mp3's, reading the newspaper online and various other things. When I should be thinking about writing, you know with a pen and piece of paper. I once read,(online of course) that people would spend weeks composing a letter to loved ones, their congress-person, whomever.

I can't fathom spending much more than 3 minutes thinking about what I'm writing about now much less weeks gathering thoughts to compose a letter. Maybe that's where I should be thinking when it comes to the future of our business, Voice over and production is so 21st Century that I'm wondering if I composed a hand-written letter to a radio station PD or a company that I would like to do voice work for, that it would be read, or for that matter even opened? Makes you think a little doesn't it.

I'm still going to write my Dad a letter, and it probably won't be as long as this post, but it will be hand written, thought out and mailed.. with a stamp! Wow what a concept.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I found, well, I didn't it was link forwarded to me by one of my bosses of a great new blog site for folks that eat breathe and sleep creativly for radio. Everything from writing copy to posting your favorite spots for, and I'm guessing critiques. I'm too self concious to post one of my spots there for fear I'll be shredded. I don't mind critiques as long as their beneficial and I learn something from them, but bashing me, I would just rather not post.
I believe that I create great audio, both commercials and imaging and if it makes me happy, my bosses happy and anyone else I'm producing for, then we're all just fine. But check it out if your so inclined. Changing gears, I've rejoined Plaxo and made some more connections, hopefully I'll be able to garner some much needed production or voice work for the coming months. Lots of Huggies to buy :)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Big Day Today

Through the wonders of science and technology, I will be able to do today what my parents never could and that is see my child in it's mothers womb. Fascinating really, think about it, through the magic of airwaves, an audio signal is bounced in and around my beautiful wife's baby bump and it sends that audio signal back to a radiophonic device that interprets the audio sound waves and develops sort of a radar signal that materializes itself into a shape that the good doctors will point out is "my child" hereto for known as "The Baby".

My parents got the "well you're getting pretty big, you're carrying low so it must be a boy". The wives tales on how to accurately determine the sex of your unborn child are 50/50 at best but it's sure fun to hear them tell the tales of long ago, before cell phone cameras, YouTube, Color TV (yes I was born before Color TV). My Mother said that I was a pain to carry, both literally and figurativly. This might explain why I'm so afraid of letting myself open up. This is the happiest day of my life, and it's right up there with my wedding day and the day I lost my virginity.