Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Does anyone write letters anymore?

I woke up in the middle of the night 1:30am to be exact and this was a question racing through my mind. I'm not sure if I was dreaming about writing, or what, because I never remember my dreams anyway. But it got me to thinking, Does anyone write letters anymore?

I was going to start a letter to my Dad, who I'm sure would rather get a letter in the mail than the circular from Bobs Nothin But Crap store, when it occured to me that I spend most of my day sitting in front of a computer either creating audio, checking email, downloading videos and mp3's, reading the newspaper online and various other things. When I should be thinking about writing, you know with a pen and piece of paper. I once read,(online of course) that people would spend weeks composing a letter to loved ones, their congress-person, whomever.

I can't fathom spending much more than 3 minutes thinking about what I'm writing about now much less weeks gathering thoughts to compose a letter. Maybe that's where I should be thinking when it comes to the future of our business, Voice over and production is so 21st Century that I'm wondering if I composed a hand-written letter to a radio station PD or a company that I would like to do voice work for, that it would be read, or for that matter even opened? Makes you think a little doesn't it.

I'm still going to write my Dad a letter, and it probably won't be as long as this post, but it will be hand written, thought out and mailed.. with a stamp! Wow what a concept.

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