Monday, June 25, 2007

Now what?

I received information that my father is to undergo an angiogram on Tuesday. "No big deal" you might say.. but the rub is that my father wouldn't have even told us that he was going to have this procedure if had his way.. Mom is the one who told us and even she didn't know much beyond that as Dad wouldn't let her go with him to the doctor.

What kind of logic is that, is my father so bitter or uncaring that he won't even tell his children that he is having, in my opinion a major surgery (ok, I'm stretching and overstating it a bit) but I'm concerned for the welfare of my parents. I think it's rather selfish of him.

In this wonderful world we live in, the marvels of modern medicine make it possible for doctors to insert a piece of fiberoptics, and look around my dads heart valves. Amazing isn't it! Now for the hard part, they will force him to sign documents specifying that "if needed" we (the medical professional) may need to preform bypass surgery to correct any obstructions that may or may not be found. Isn't that just a way for them to garnish their already depleted Medicare Plans?

Here's the irony, my dad really could care less whether he lives or dies. He's lived a great life. I just wish he would "LOVE" life even more.. There's lots of life to live.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Everything is for sale

I can buy Paris Hilton's prison jumpsuit for a billion dollars. Ok, so that's a slight exaggeration, but is it?.. Why would I want something like that, and what possesses anyone to buy crap like that. I heard you can buy serial killer John Wayne Gacy's shoes, or perhaps Sirhan Sirhans toothbrush. People will buy anything as long as there is controversy or celebrity attached to it. I had my picture taken with Mancow at a friend of mines wedding, maybe in 300 years it will be worth something.

Which brings me to another observation.

Why do people hate you or are disappointed in you if you like or admire another person. I am who I am, and I'll have anyone I want to as my hero's and who I admire is my business and none of your concern, if it bothers you that much then get a therapist. Ok, enough of that, back to my original thought. If I can buy Paris' jumpsuit, what's next. Brittany's shredded locks, or perhaps Lindsey's puke stained shoes. No thanks, I'm saving my money for something worthwhile.. gasoline