Friday, January 2, 2009

Welcome to 2009!.. Wow already I've made a mess of things, spent 3 hours in the Emergency Room after cutting my finger with one of those new fangled knives from the Culinary Institute. they are super sharp. In the hopes of our government getting their proverbial sh** together, I see that the markets were up above 9k today, I am hoping and praying that my job will stay intact and that the economy will continue to rebuild itself. I can't imagine the ramifications if it doesn't. I am extremely motivated to continue to build my network of friends and colleagues to garner some freelance voice over gigs in 09'. I may even try some email marketing strategies, although I am sure 92% of emails are never opened and they get File 13'd, Maybe the best way would be a direct mail piece, but that costs money,, and the loop begins.