Monday, May 21, 2007

Why Plants make you smile

Have you ever noticed how plants and flowers make you smile,, c'mon, admit it.. even if you aren't an avid green thumber, you have to admit that gardens seem to switch on the emotional light inside you. Kiki and I have had to create a small garden,by necessity really, because the air-conditioner is about to roll down the hill in my backyard.

We've gone to the HD and picked out flowers and grasses we think will add beauty and intrigue to our outdoor spaces.. Our backyard is horrible.. it's slope is steep and grass won't grow, so when it rains,, it washes everything away. Now, if I happen to get a win in the lottery, or a windfall of some sort, I won't be creating a retaining wall to keep all that in, but I digress. We now have created this wall around the AC and are in the process of creating a small flower and plant garden.

The smile part comes when your garden, that you created by actually getting your hands in the dirt and playing like your 5 again , comes together and looks like those you see in the magazines. Living everyday to the fullest,, another part of Life 101

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