Thursday, May 17, 2007

Why jail is bad for celebrities

Well, let's see, I read today where Paris Hilton's jail term has been reduced by half, and she'll be spending it away from the general population of the prison. Why?.. she's no better than any other criminal who broke the terms of their probation. Why does she deserve preferential treatment? Because she's a silver spoon fed, pouty faced brat? and why do I care?. I care because the judges who preside over our justice system are more worried about how they'll fare in their next general election than to administer the punishment fairly. You know the old saying "Do the crime, Do the time"? But I guess it's just Hollyhood.. you're a celebrity, you are seen and heard and the world follows you're every move because they want to be like you. What a waste of my tax money. Here's what I suggest they do instead, put her in Watts or anywhere in East L.A and let the real 'hood take care of it.

I'm not bitter am I?

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