Thursday, May 24, 2007

What can be learned from a 4 year old

I'm in a Target store yesterday, buying some Green Tea because someone told me it's good for you., that's a different story.. anyway.. a young mother and her charges.. an infant in her arms, a two year old in a stroller and the 4 year old are meandering through the store. She's frantically trying to herd her brood through the winding aisles of the Super Target, when I came up on them.

The 4 year old, I think his name tag from day care said "Hi I'm Bobbie", walks up to me and without missing a beat, points to his name tag and say's "Hi" and immediatly crams his index finger into his nose to dig for that ever elusive CogMollie. Before I could muster a "Hello", his mother yanks him by the arm, glares at me like I'm a serial killer and berates the lad for talking to strangers.

While I admire the mother for taking charge, I must admit, I was taken aback by what her attitude was towards me. I can remember as a child, not much older than Bobbie, when my elders were quick with the hellos, and the pull my fingers. You can't find that kind of friendliness any longer.. at least not here in the city, maybe in small towns across the country. Wouldn't it be great if we could walk up to people we don't know, with name tags that say 'Hi I'm____" and stick our fingers in our nose, regardless of how tacky and un-PC it is. With the world the way it is.. I think I'll try it and see

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