Monday, July 23, 2007

Lots of Hats

I love hats, I have about 100 hats in my closet, and my wife will do just about anything to get rid of them, but each hat holds a memory, a point in time where it was received, purchased or found that brings about an emotional response.

Think about that when you're voice acting, or narrating a piece, invoke emotional responses to what you're speaking about. Whether it's cars or cracked foundations, you're ability to tell the story with an emotion in your voice will convey to the listener the one thing that emotionally connects them to the idea, product or story.

I find that telling stories to children is a great way to tune up character voices, or work on delivering an emotion. It's great practice, and its fun for kids too. Try it, volunteer at your local library, or read to your own kids, or grand kids for that matter. You'll find that when you tell the story, and it's just you doing all the characters in the story you'll find ways to emotionally connect to the story, and the audience is just as emotionally connected as you are.

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