Wednesday, July 18, 2007

July WHEW!

Been a while since the last time we chatted. I've been through so much in the last month it's mind boggling. My father had quadruple bypass surgery and is still in the hospital with rehab issues, a family member had the most extravagant wedding I've ever been to or will go to, and I've been dealing with some personal issues that I think I've worked out.

I started this blog to catalogue my life and how it relates to life, sort of a "how to" book online, but it's mostly becoming a place where I can vent, and post my thoughts on all kinds of stuff.

But enough about me, let's talk about Voice work, imaging and what needs to happen to make it "sound" right. I've worked with a lot of great voice over people in my career, and they've all got great advice on how to get work in this cut throat business. But let's face it, unless you've got kahunas the size of grapefruit, or a voice so unique it's really hard to get business. I'm a member of several online communities, but I've only gotten a few jobs and it's extremely rare that I get a substantial amount of money for the work that I do.

That being said, do not be disheartened by it, and most certainly don't take what I say as gospel. But do try and find your niche' and then follow it. Tomorrow, I'll share how to create some cool effects with software and mic technique.

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