Thursday, January 24, 2008

Now What

Is it possible that I've completely overlooked a new way of advertising my services as a voice talent. Twitter is a passing fancy that I found to be a complete time waster but very addicting. Now there's boobtek a sexy way of promoting your erotic fantasy, but can I use that to microblog my voice over services? I'm seriously considering trying it. There's got to be more ways to market my self in a viral setting.

On another note, finding an agent in markets other than the one I live in (because they either don't want to rep me or I have B.O., the latter of which is moot because I shower daily) is proving to be a challenge. I've found some outlets and networking possibilities with other VO Pros who've helped a bunch.

The biggest obstacles I've found is that because I'm non-union, a lot of agencies don't want to talk to me or rep me and the only reason I can fathom is that it's because they don't get the big buck union scale when I get a gig. C'mon people give a hard working guy a break, I'm just trying to make a buck or two.

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