Monday, January 14, 2008

I lost an old friend

This past Friday an old friend of 33 years, he died from a disease known as market slumpoctomy, after so many books and trends failed to keep him alive, they gracefully put the Hippo to sleep with "In the Dark" and like a Phoenix was reborn into The Boulevard, Kansas City's Quality Rock.. playing everything the other rock stations in the market won't. It was really hard to see people I've known, worked with and loved be told to pack their little boxes up and leave, Bryan couldn't refrain from displaying and communicating his disdain for the abruptness of his termination.

That's the nature of this beast called Radio, you can be terminated in a nanosecond for the simple reason, "You're numbers weren't good enough". Ironically, numbers is what the suits in the game are counting on to resurrect a dying format. Classic Rock, is well,, Quality Rock, as we get older (and I'm talking about my generation; 40-49) we've come to realize that we can only hear Free Bird and Back in Black so many times before we tire of it.

I welcomed the new station with open arms, as I have learned to adapt to change, embrace it, and learn from it. It's the only way I know how to survive in this game. It reminds me of a commercial on the TV right now, A Chevy advertisement I think, where they're playing Worlds of Warcraft, and one of the online players uses the vehicle as a weapon that slays the dragon.

How do I slay my own dragons is something I must continually pursue with all the weapons at my fingertips, computers, software, the Internet, everything and all at once.

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