Thursday, March 20, 2008


My wife informs via text message, hey all the kids are texting now, it's great fun, that our unborn child that took 10 years to conceive moved twice in the middle of the night. I wish she had shook me awake so that I could have experienced that small miracle and joy. It's going to be difficult in the coming months to try and juggle careers, part time jobs and life in general to accomodate something that we've waited so long for. The anticipation is gathering energy and I'm starting to look forward to moving the office to my basement, and painting the room in neutral colors (We've decided that we want to be surprised by the sex on it's birthday).

Changing gears, I lost an old friend to cancer last sunday, Dave was only 53 and had so much to live for, his death brings a renewed intrest in my own mortality, am I doing everything I can to take care of myself physically? I've got to start eating better and finding time to excercise more, taking walks, jogging, lifting weights, maybe riding a bike, but definitly eating better. My doctor said that I was "pre-diabetic" what the hell does that mean? Noone in my family has ever been diabetic that I know of and granted I eat lots of sweets, but that's just because I quit smoking 17 months ago(pats himself on the back Yay me!), it's kind of scary really.

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